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How do I choose my wedding photographer ?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Venue, flowers, dress, cake etc etc are all major decisions when planning your wedding day, one of your most important decisions is your photographer. Unlike venue, flowers, dress, cake etc, photographs are your lasting memory after the cake is eaten and the dress doesn’t fit anymore!

So it makes sense to pick the photographer carefully.

The number one area to focus on is style, what style of photographs do you want, from non imposing casual to full on production (lights camera action).

Picking a Style.

A good place to start looking is Pinterest, lots of photographers post work and you can see the ‘look’ you are wanting. Go through all your local photographer web and facebook pages, they should be showing the style of photography they are offering. Many photographers will do a mix of formal and casual images of your day.


So you have maybe 3-4 local photographers that you like the look of, now do some research.

Reviews are a great indication of previous couples experience’s, going back to the web pages and critically looking at how they capture moments, details of the day. Some formal, some quirky.


Now is the time to contact your photographers. It is a good idea to let the photographer know at this time the date of your wedding, they might already be booked. Request a meeting, nowadays, in most cases this is done via Zoom. This is the opportunity to ‘meet’ the photographer for the first time.

During this meeting you will get a feel as to whether this photographer is right for you, personality plays a large part in getting you to feel at ease on the day and getting great images. This is your time to ask any questions you have and detail how you want your day to run. Your photographer should also be asking about your venue, times, guest numbers and a whole lot more, this will enable them to give you the day you want. You should at this time ask the photographer for a copy of their Wedding Agreement so you can read and compare.

Decision Time

Ok, now you have viewed previous weddings, read reviews, chatted with the photographer, requested a price and confirmed date is available.

Contact your photographer of choice and confirm any details or ask any questions. Once decided the photographer will send you the agreement and advise of payment structure.

Tick Photographer off your list of things to do and move onto the next. Above all, Enjoy!

Please check my other wedding related blogs that might be of interest to you, if you would like to enquire about my services please contact me.

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