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Do I really need a professional wedding photographer ? I have a friend who has a good camera !

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

In times of needing to ensure every dollar is well spent, you quite often find yourself looking at your wedding plans and saying "we need to cut costs"

Venue booked, dress, cake, celebrant, DJ, fairy lights .....Photographer etc etc

Have you ever been to someones house, had a delicious meal and said "that was a beautiful meal, you must have a great oven" !!

Equipment is not everything, we have a couple of amazing photographers in the world who used an Iphone to capture a wedding, and got superb shots,

A professional photographer will spend time finding out what you want, planning his or her day to give you the best coverage. They have spent years practising there craft, understanding light, looking for and anticipating moments, not just taking pictures but capturing emotions for you to look back on for years to come. Remember this; in 5-10 years, your cake is eaten, your guests have gone and your dress probably doesn't fit you anymore, but the photographs you have will last forever capturing time.

Why does a professional photographer get such great shots ?. I mentioned years of practise, and they are more than likely doing this most weekends of the year. They carefully review each image, edit, and put together a story of your day. It is a skill, a craft it is being a professional photographer.

Research your wedding photographer, look at the different styles, we all offer something different. Do you want a more 'candid' natural style such as I offer, or maybe a more traditional sunsets with flowing dresses and 2 hr Bride and Groom shoot that they offer.

It doesn't matter what you want, choose a professional and you will not be disappointed.

If i can be of help on your wedding day please contact me.

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